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Schoffel at Brocklehursts

A family-run business since 1804, Schoffel creates modern country clothing with a traditional twist. They are masters of their craft, honing over seven generations of experience to create innovative garments that meet the needs of British country sports. Today, Schoffel is renowned for its high-performance country clothes that combine expert craftsmanship with tradition, luxury, and passion.

At Brocklehursts, we’re proud to offer the most quintessential Schoffel styles, including expert shooting apparel that nods to the brand’s heritage, Schoffel fleeces, gilets and more. Explore our collections below and embrace the best of Schoffel clothing at Brocklehursts.


Schoffel is the perfect brand for anyone dressing for adventure. Founded in Bavaria, Germany, they are built on a passion for country sports. They stand for quality and tradition, and it is thanks to these time-honoured values they create country clothing you can be proud of. 

Today, Schoffel clothing is at the forefront of the market. Their high-performance garments are designed using the latest fabrics and technologies, offering lightweight, technical clothes that are stylish and practical without compromising comfort. 

Shop our Schoffel country clothing collections below, available online today at Brocklehursts.


The Schoffel men’s range is expertly tailored to meet the needs of gentlemen who love the outdoors. Combining Schoffel’s passion for sport with luxurious tailoring, you’ll find high-performance country wear that protects you from the elements without compromising comfort. Shop men’s Schoffel country clothing in various styles and colours, including best-selling Schoffel men’s coats, gilets, fleeces, shirts and knitwear that blends fashion and function seamlessly. Expertly crafted with premium fabrics and technical materials, including GORE-TEX®, tweed, and cotton, the Schoffel men’s clothing range has everything you need to get through the seasons in style.


Classic Schoffel styling meets high-end tailoring with this cutting-edge range of Schoffel ladies’ clothing. Designed with country living and sports in mind, Schoffel’s ladies’ country clothing is flattering, fashionable, and functional. Each garment is beautifully crafted with premium fabrics and materials, perfectly balancing traditional country style, modern design trends and innovative fabric technologies. With Schoffel coats and jackets, gilets, tops and fleeces in an assortment of on-trend finishes, our Schoffel ladies’ range has styles for every occasion and activity, whether you’re dressing for a cosy, country pub or an outdoor adventure!


Add the perfect finishing touch to your country-style looks with Brocklehurst’s deluxe range of Schoffel accessories. We offer everything you need to complete your outfits in style, including Schoffel socks, scarves, luxury belts, and more. Shop Schoffel hats and caps in an array of classic colours, each beautifully crafted with 100% lambswool to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality finish. Our Schoffel accessories come in an array of traditional prints to suit every season, perfect for gifting yourself or a loved one! 


Schoffel has deep-rooted connections to the great outdoors and British sporting history. The brand’s success originates from the Ptarmigan shooting coat, originally designed by incorporating the joint expertise of Asprey's of New Bond Street, Farlows of Pall Mall, James Purdey & Son of Mount Street and Roxtons Sporting Ltd of Hungerford. 

The Ptarmigan coat has been enhanced and refined since its original design in 1993, combining modern fabric technologies with premium materials and fabrics. Today, Schoffel’s shooting coats are regarded as the ultimate shooting coats for men and women.


Schoffel country clothing is suitable for various occasions and activities, whether you’re shooting or enjoying a long walk in the country. You’ll find Schoffel clothing in various styles to suit your needs, from cutting-edge Schoffel shooting coats designed to protect you in all weather types to casual garments that will complete your country-inspired outfits in style.


Schoffel was founded in Bavaria, Germany. However, their innovative country clothing for men and women is very much inspired by the British countryside. The brand combines passion, performance, and heritage to create hard-wearing garments that exceed your expectations. Moreover, their shooting coats are wind-proof and weather-resistant without impacting your performance on the field, perfect for British weather. 


Schoffel utilises cutting-edge fabrics to ensure each garment is durable and long-lasting, without compromising comfort or style. Below, we’ve covered three of Schoffel’s most popular fabrics.


British Tweed is undeniably one of the most popular Schoffel fabrics. Made of 100% pure lambswool, it is designed and woven at Lovat Mill in the Scottish Borders. It is treated with a Teflon® finish to make it moisture and stain-resistant, perfect for British country weather.


Cordura® fabric is a high-calibre fabric renowned for providing optimum strength and durability. It has water-resistant qualities that prevent moisture from entering the fibres, making it the perfect fabric choice for outdoor country clothing and shooting coats.


GORE-TEX® is a high-performance fabric that is protective and durable without compromising comfort. It has a lightweight, waterproof surface that stays durable in even the harshest weather conditions, making it the definitive fabric choice for the British countryside. Our collection offers GORE-TEX® coats for men and women, perfect for shooting and country adventures.


Venturi is a highly durable fabric designed to protect the wearer against the elements completely. It is expertly crafted using Schoffel's bespoke weatherproof clothing technology, featuring a closed membrane that is soft to the touch. Moreover, Venturi clothing has no openings or pores, so water and wind cannot penetrate the membrane. This ensures a high-quality experience that is comfortable and cosy without compromising style!


Featuring a high-quality finish that helps maximise warmth, Schoffel's Pontetorto fleece is the perfect choice for outdoor adventures. This Italian-manufactured premium fleece features Technostretch technology and is famed for its sleek, smooth appearance and cosy fleece interior. It is functional and fashionable without compromising breathability and flexibility. 

Each of Schoffel’s fabrics has its own excellent qualities and can be styled together to create bespoke country looks. Discover our ranges for more high-quality options to add to your collection, including cotton and premium cotton-blend fabrics designed especially for the country. 


Whether you’re shopping for a new shooting jacket or plus twos, it’s important to choose the right size to ensure you get the most out of your country clothing. Below, we’ve put together Schoffel size guides for men and women to help you choose the perfect fit.