Wax Barbour Jacket Care: How To Re-wax A Barbour Jacket In 7 Easy Steps

With its long-standing associations with the British countryside, the wax Barbour jacket is an iconic piece of country clothing. It offers an unparalleled cocktail of strength and durability that, combined with Barbour’s classic styling, has seen everyone from farmers to fashion-conscious city dwellers reaching for this quintessential outerwear garment.

Despite its reputation as one of the toughest country wear items on the market, wax Barbour jackets require a little more TLC than other Barbour jacket styles. They are crafted from waxed cotton, which, though notorious for its enduring ability to protect against harsh weather conditions, requires regular maintenance to ensure it remains resilient.

If your jacket looks worn out, don’t worry – with the right care, your Barbour jacket can last you a lifetime. A simple re-wax will restore it to its original condition, making it waterproof, warm, and stylish again.

Below, we’ve covered the step-by-step process of safely re-waxing your Barbour jacket. Read on for what you need to get started and the ultimate dos and don’ts of wax jacket care!

Brocklehurst held a Barbour re-waxing event in their sporting showroom. Visible is the pop up stand, with a lady facing the camera, wearing a barbour apron. The pop up is surrounded by Barbour jackets

Table of contents:

  1. Why do I need to re-wax my Barbour jacket?
  2. The essentials 
  3. How to re-wax your Barbour jacket in 7 easy steps
  4. Wax Jacket FAQs
  5. Shop Barbour wax jackets at Brocklehursts

Why do I need to re-wax my Barbour jacket?

Waxed cotton is one of the toughest materials on the market. It is sustainable, renewable, and offers an unmatched barrier against the elements. 

So, why do you need to re-wax your Barbour jacket?

With regular wear, your jacket’s exterior wax will naturally dry out. This is most common in areas of constant use, for example, your jacket’s shoulders, seams, and pockets. 

Whilst this process is unavoidable, re-waxing your jacket is an easy way to repair and maintain its barrier, ensuring it remains warm, weather-resistant, and protective. 

The essentials 

To wax your jacket, you’ll need the following: 

  • A bristle brush
  • A cloth or sponge
  • Cold water
  • Barbour wax 
  • A bowl of hot water

You can find most items you need to re-wax your jacket at home. However, we offer a wide range of official Barbour cleaning and care products to help you maintain your wax Barbour products, including jacket wax bars and thornproof wax dressing. 

Example brushes that you can use to brush off dirt and excess wax from your Barbour jacket, e.g. hard stiffle brushes

How to re-wax your Barbour jacket in 7 easy steps

If you’re still getting familiar with wax Barbour clothing, it can be tricky to know where to start. However, re-waxing your jacket is simple. Below, we’ve covered the 7 key steps to wax your Barbour jacket safely. 

Step one: Brush your jacket

It’s important to ensure that your jacket’s surface is clean and free of any dirt or debris before re-waxing so that the wax can sit evenly on your jacket and coat the barrier effectively.

First, lay your jacket on a clean, dry surface and gently use a bristle brush to remove any dirt, mud, or excess wax. It’s important to do this when the jacket is completely dry, so you do not damage the waxed cotton exterior.

If your jacket has obtained stains or grown mould whilst in storage, now is a great time to spot-treat any affected areas. Brush away any mould and use a cold, damp (but not wet) cloth to apply white vinegar to the area gently. After 10 minutes, carefully remove this.

Step two: Clean your waxed jacket

Next, clean your jacket with cold water and a sponge. To do this safely, gently wipe the outside of your jacket using a cold cloth. You must avoid hot water at all costs, as this will remove your jacket’s wax coating and cause permanent damage. 

Similarly, you should never use soap or put your jacket in the washing machine. Once the wax coating is removed or damaged, you cannot replace it – and your only option will be to replace your wax jacket. 

The Barbour Re-waxing pop up event and stand. Pictured, a Barbour employee is examining a waxed Barbour jacket, preparing to wax

Step three: Leave your jacket to dry

After cleaning your wax jacket, hang it up to dry in a well-ventilated area. Once dry, proceed to the next step. 

Step four: Prepare the wax

Before applying it to your jacket, you must soften and prepare the wax. To do this, take your Barbour wax tin and stand it in hot water for up to 20 minutes, which will melt the wax and allow you to apply it to your jacket easily. 

A tin of Barbour wax thornproof dressing

Barbour Large Thornproof Dressing

Step five: Re-wax your jacket

Once the wax is ready, apply it to your cloth and gently work it into the jacket, paying attention to seams, creases, and any dry patches. To prevent marking or damaging your jacket, keep the wax away from your jacket’s corduroy collar and interior sections. 

If the wax begins to harden as you work, top up the container with more hot water. This will ensure that the wax remains soft and usable during re-waxing. 

Step six: Dry your wax jacket

Once you are happy with the application, wipe away any excess wax and hang your jacket to dry overnight in a warm, dry place. 

Your jacket may lose excess wax for a short period, so it’s best to hang it away from any other garments until fully dried. 

You can also use a hair dryer to set the wax, allowing a more even and time-effective finish. 

Lady wearing a waxed brown Barbour parka

Barbour Kelsall Parka

Step seven: Re-wax your jacket once a year

Once your jacket is dry, it will initially be darker in colour and have more of a sheen in its appearance. You can then be confident that the wax barrier is reinforced, and you can enjoy your jacket at its best!

At Brocklehursts, we recommend you re-wax your jacket at least once a year, depending on how often you wear it. If you wear your jacket more regularly, it may need more TLC. However, if you show it the right care and attention, your Barbour waxed jacket will be a loyal companion to all your adventures for many years.

Wax Jackets FAQs

How often do you wax a Barbour jacket?

Barbour recommends re-waxing your jacket yearly to ensure it remains at its best. Regular use deteriorates your jacket’s wax quality, so it’s vital to maintain and treat the wax coating as necessary to ensure it remains weather-resistant. 

How long does it take to re-wax a jacket?

Re-waxing your Barbour jacket should only take around 20 minutes. However, once waxed, you need to allow your jacket to dry properly before wearing it again, which can take up to 24 hours.

What wax is used on Barbour jackets?

Barbour creates unique wax formulas to help you get the most out of your garment. At Brocklehursts, we stock a wide range of Barbour garment care products, including wax, so you can easily care for and maintain your waxed cotton garments.  

What happens if you wash a wax jacket?

Machine washing your wax jacket will completely strip the jacket of its wax coating and damage it beyond repair, even on the lowest setting. With this in mind, you should never wash your jacket in a machine. Wash your jacket by hand and follow the instructions outlined above, not using hot water or soap.

Can you steam waxed jackets?

You should never steam your waxed jacket, as the steam can permanently damage your jacket’s coating and render it unusable. Once the wax coating is damaged or removed, you cannot restore it, and your wax jacket will no longer be waterproof.

Can waxed jackets be repaired?

Waxed jackets are made from cotton, so they can be repaired or altered when needed. However, their wax coating can be a little trickier to repair compared to regular Barbour jackets, so it’s best to let a professional repair your wax jacket. 

Barbour offers a unique Repair and Re-wax service to help keep your jacket in tip-top condition year in, year out. 

Can you iron waxed jackets?

Ironing Barbour waxed cotton garments will permanently damage the protective wax coating, so you should avoid this at all costs. 

To remove creases from your jacket, hang your jacket in a warm area for a few days. The heat and weight of the jacket will allow any creases to drop out naturally. If you are still experiencing issues, we recommend sending your jacket to Barbour for a more thorough treatment. 

Can you dry clean a Barbour wax jacket?

You cannot dry clean waxed jackets, as the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can permanently damage or remove the protective waxed cotton layer. 

Why do Barbour jackets smell?

Barbour-waxed jackets naturally have a musty smell. This is partly due to the wax-proofing itself, as the wax is sealed into the jacket, and partly because you cannot wash wax jackets. 

Whilst the wax jacket’s smell reminds many of the British countryside, it is a dealbreaker for others. To reduce the smell, you can carefully clean your jacket by following the instructions above. Additionally, be sure to store your garment in a warm, dry place to prevent the build-up of mould and other particles.

Are waxed Barbour jackets waterproof?

All Barbour waxed jackets are waterproof. They are one of the most resilient waxed garments on the market and will protect you from wind, snow, and rain whilst keeping you warm and protected.

A man wearing a brown utility waxed Barbour jacket, looking off into the distance

Barbour Corbridge Utility Coat

Shop Barbour Wax Jackets at Brocklehursts

Wax Barbour jackets are the ultimate outwear accessory. They are waterproof, weather resistant, and, when cared for correctly, will offer you many years of service.

Caring for and maintaining your wax Barbour jacket is simple. However, adhering to your jacket’s care labels and instructions is vital to ensure it remains resistant and resilient. 

At Brocklehursts, we offer a fantastic range of wax Barbour jackets for you, including ladies’ and men’s wax jackets and wax Barbour caps and hats

We also offer Barbour waistcoats and gilets for men and women, perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth during colder seasons! Shop our collections today and be ready for any adventure with Barbour clothing at Brocklehursts. 

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