The Peak District National Park: Prepare for your visit with Brocklehursts

With miles of magnificent hills, flowing rivers and unrivalled beauty spots, the Peak District National Park is every explorer’s dream getaway. This rural playground is steeped in adventure, from its characterful stone villages and large stately homes to its historic meandering trails and walkways.

If you’re planning a trip to our sporting showroom in Bakewell, visiting England’s oldest national park might also be on your itinerary. However, as any country connoisseur knows, planning for the UK’s unpredictable weather is just as important as your outdoor activities.

Located in the biggest town in the Peak District, Brocklehursts is proud to offer the best country clothing for outdoor pursuits. Here, we answer all your questions about the Peak District National Park, including the top things to do and how to make the most of your next trip to Bakewell.

Streetview of Brocklehursts' store in Bakewell

Table of contents

  1. The History of the Peak District
  2. Brocklehurst’s connection to the Peak District
  3. Top things to do in the Peak District: Bakewell
  4. Where to stay in the Peak District
  5. Prepare for your adventure with Brocklehursts
  6. Popular FAQs

The History of the Peak District National Park

Located in central England, the Peak District National Park was the first of Britain’s fifteen national parks. However, despite being designated in April 1951, its history stretches as far back as the 1930s, when it saw hundreds of men and women defy the law to walk over hills and moorland freely to the Kinder Scout plateau. 

This protest, known as ‘The Mass Trespass‘, fuelled the ‘Right to Roam’ movement, establishing the Peak District’s accessibility that we know and enjoy today. 

Covering 555 square miles, the Peak District National Park welcomes more than thirteen million annual visitors, offering everything from action-packed activities like climbing, cycling and caving to whimsical walks in the country, baked goods and history.

Chatsworth House from outside of its walls on a beautiful clear day

Brocklehurst’s connection to the Peak District

Situated in the historic market town of Bakewell in the Peak District, Brocklehursts is a family-run business with over 50 years of experience. Our location and heritage tie us directly to the Peak District and are what led the founder of our brand to venture into creating specialist country clothing for farmers up and down the country.

Though Brocklehursts was established in the mid-1960s, our story originally began in the back of John Brocklehursts’ land rover. John travelled up and down the country attending local farms and agricultural shows, selling what is now known as Brocklehursts’ country clothing. 

Today, we have two shops in Bakewell itself, including the home of our specialist made-to-measure service, the Sporting Showroom, and we pride ourselves on providing specialist country clothing infused with British heritage and culture. 

Brocklehursts continues to create quality country clothing for anyone passionate about the countryside, from sports enthusiasts to farmers and city dwellers. Due to our expertise and history, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best country clothing, whether for visiting our surrounding Peak District National Park, participating in country sports, or enjoying classic country style with a modern twist. 

With styles by leading country wear brands like Barbour, Dubarry and Schoffel, alongside our brand, Brocklehursts, you can be ready for any adventure after a trip to our original shop in Bakewell.

6 things to do in the Peak District: Bakewell

The Peak District National Park is filled with things to do, from experiencing breathtaking landscapes and hiking trails to indulging in the area’s rich history and culture. Whether you’re visiting our sporting showroom or are just in the area, read on for 6 things to do when visiting our beautiful town, Bakewell.

Explore Bakewell town centre

Bakewell town centre is bursting with beautiful architecture and spectacular surroundings, including listed buildings, characterful cottages and churches. It’s also home to a stunning 14th-century bridge, one of the oldest of its kind in the UK. With five magnificent arches, it’s the perfect opportunity to pause and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds Bakewell.

Bakewell town centre

Photograph taken by Roger Cornfoot

Visit Chatsworth House

Located in the heart of Derbyshire, Chatsworth House is home to the Devonshire family. The house contains significant works of art from throughout Europe, from ancient Egyptian sculptures to impressive creations by modern artists. With over 25 rooms to discover, including beautiful gardens filled with flowers, water features and sculptures, Chatsworth House is the perfect way to spend a day in the Peak District.

The Monsal Trail

Renowned for its amazing views of Derbyshire’s tumbling landscape, the Monsal Trail is a must for any outdoor adventurer, with plenty of cosy cafes and pit stops for those who prefer a more laidback stroll. It consists of a 14km route between Blackwell Mill and Bakewell in the Peak District, and visitors can either enjoy it on foot or by hiring a bicycle. 

The River Wye

The River Wye is undeniably one of Bakewell’s most beautiful features, running through the town centre and winding all the way through to Bakewell Park. It features wonderful banks of green willow and whimsical bridges to cross, perfect for warm, sunny days with picnics!

Discover Haddon Hall

Boasting over nine hundred years of history, Haddon Hall is one of the UK’s oldest – and perhaps most beautiful – houses. It is filled with marvellous history, from its majestic tapestries to its Early English furniture collection. Moreover, with stunning gardens to explore, it provides the perfect escape for any countryside lover.

Bakewell Market

Dating back to the 1330s, Bakewell market sees the town come to life every Monday. With over 100 stalls to discover, it’s an excellent opportunity to indulge in everything from local delicacies and baked goods to country clothes, jewellery and toys. Be sure to try out the district’s famous Bakewell pudding!

You can also experience Bakewell’s Livestock market.  Renowned as one of the largest livestock markets in the country, it is the only one of its kind in Derbyshire. The Livestock market sees farmers from all over the country visit to buy and sell livestock.

Where to stay in the Peak District 

The Peak District National Park is visited by over thirteen million people every year, so it is no surprise that its surrounding districts are full of beautiful hotels, boutiques and hideaways.

If you’re visiting our sporting showroom in Bakewell, here are three hotels to consider for a fantastic stay in the Peak District.

The Peacock

Originally a manor house, The Peacock is a boutique hotel located in Rowsley, a short distance from Bakewell. It is also located near Haddon Hall and is part of the Haddon Estate.. Set in a Grade 2 listed building, The Peacock offers a luxurious stay that is close to amenities and surrounding beauty spots – the perfect base for your visit to the Peak District.

The Maynard 

Located in Grindleford, a village just outside of Bakewell, The Maynard combines contemporary luxury with heritage and tradition, offering guests the ultimate guest experience. With a choice of stylish and beautiful suites nestled within the Peak District National Park, you won’t be disappointed with a stay at this hotel.

The Rutland Arms Hotel

Located a short distance away from Brocklehursts’ original shop, The Rutland Arms Hotel provides a luxurious experience from start to finish. It offers a beautiful view of Bakewell town centre, and with magnificent chandeliers, artwork and four poster beds, it will certainly ensure your stay is one to remember. 

The Rutland Arms Hotel

By Bakewell: The Rutland Arms Hotel by Mr Eugene Birchall, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Prepare for your adventure with Brocklehursts

The Peak District National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the UK, with magnificent views, whimsical walkways, and decades of history to uncover. 

However, before heading out into the great outdoors awaiting you in the Peak District, ensuring you have the correct country clothing is essential. With over 50 years of experience, at Brocklehursts, we pride ourselves on offering the best country clothing, whether for sporting enthusiasts, farmers, or city dwellers exploring the country. 

Our men’s and women’s country clothing collections are filled with stylish yet functional options for every weather type. Whether looking for light and luxurious layers for days when the weather can’t make its mind up, walking clothes, or waterproof, protective outerwear to protect you from the harshest conditions, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect styles in our collections. 

Explore our country clothing collections today and prepare for any adventure the Peak District National Park offers with Brocklehursts.

Popular FAQs

Where is the Peak District National Park located?

The Peak District National Park is located in the heart of England. It is mostly located in northern Derbyshire. However, it spreads into various other counties, including Staffordshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

What is Peak District National Park famous for?

The Peak District National Park is famous for its magnificent landscapes and activities, offering over 13 million annual visitors the chance to rediscover and reconnect with nature. 

It is home to various landmarks and listed buildings, from Chatsworth House to the River Wye, alongside other notable visitor attractions steeped in British history.

When did the Peak District become a national park?

The Peak District National Park became a national park on 17th April 1951 and was the first area to be designated as a national park in the UK.

How many days do you need in the Peak District?

With so much to see and do, you can easily spend between five to seven days in the Peak District. It’s important to stay somewhere central for the best experience, with Bakewell offering the perfect location for all your activities and adventures.

Are there waterfalls in the Peak District?

The Peak District National Park is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the UK, most of which you can hike or cycle to. Some of the best waterfalls in the Peak District include Kinder Downfall, Lumsdale Falls, Three Shires Head, and Padley Gorge.

Do you need a car for the Peak District?

Though you can drive, a car is unnecessary to experience the Peak District. The area features an extensive public railway and transport system, with regular services to the most popular locations in the National Park. 

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