The Mayfly season beckons

The Mayfly
The Mayfly

We are so lucky to conduct our business here in Derbyshire, shortly a very short season takes place on the River Wye, which travels through our beloved Bakewell – Mayfly season!
To Fly fisherman, this large insect is well known – The Mayfly, also known as the Green Drake or Vulgata, is a very special fly for trout and fisherman a like. After living as a nymph for two years in the river, the Mayfly usually comes out to hatch when the Mayflower or Hawthorn is in bloom.
In Derbyshire, this is around the last week in May or the first week in June. The Mayfly “hatch” can last anything from 3 days to 2 weeks. Being the largest fly in the UK’s waters, trout eagerly await the Mayfly’s arrival, and gorge themselves once hatched. You often see trout jumping out of the river to catch them!
Fisherman refer to the Mayfly hatch as ‘Duffers Fortnight’, due to the relative ease you can catch trout when the Mayfly are on the surface of the river. Mayfly only live for 24 hours (unless they’ve already been eaten by a hungry fish), as they have no mouth to feed. A truly unique fly, that fish and bird life around the river corridor rely on in May.
Fishing for trout in and around Bakewell during ‘Duffers Fortnight’ is available on the Derbyshire Wye by calling the Peacock at Rowsley on 01629 733518.

This post is dedicated to a dear friend – Alisdair Duncan, who tragically passed away last year.

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